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Why Lithuania is great place to start business?

Lithuania is rapidly emerging as a hotbed for entrepreneurs and businesses, especially those in the fintech sector. Here are some compelling reasons why this Baltic state is considered a prime location for exploring the future of financial services:

  • Strategic Location: Situated at the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe, Lithuania offers a strategic gateway to a vast market, bridging the EU with the CIS countries and Asia. Its prime location is ideal for businesses aiming to broaden their market reach.

  • Skilled Workforce: The country boasts a highly educated population, with a significant portion holding degrees in STEM fields. Lithuania’s universities and technical institutions are renowned for their quality education, churning out a pool of talented professionals every year.

  • Low Taxes: With one of the EU’s lowest tax rates, Lithuania presents a cost-effective environment for businesses. The corporate income tax rate stands at a competitive 15%, coupled with numerous incentives to further reduce operational costs.

  • Favorable Business Climate: The Lithuanian government fosters a business-friendly environment with streamlined bureaucracy and a clear regulatory framework, facilitating a smooth start-up and operational process for businesses.

  • Strong ICT Infrastructure: The nation prides itself on its advanced ICT infrastructure, ensuring high-speed internet connections and widespread fiber optic and 4G/5G networks, crucial for maintaining global business communications and operations.

Fintech: A Thriving Sector in Lithuania

Lithuania’s commitment to innovation and technology has made it an attractive hub for the fintech industry. The country’s regulatory environment balances safety and innovation, providing a fertile ground for fintech startups and established financial institutions alike. Here’s how Lithuania is making a mark in the fintech domain:

  • Regulated Financial Industry: The highly regulated financial sector in Lithuania ensures stability and security, attracting a wide array of fintech companies looking for a supportive environment to grow.

  • Surge in Investment: Recent years have seen a spike in investment, particularly aimed at enhancing the digital economy. This investment influx is a testament to the confidence in Lithuania’s potential as a fintech leader.

  • Digital and Skilled Talent Pool: With a plethora of tech-savvy professionals and a robust digital infrastructure, Lithuania is home to a vibrant community of innovators and entrepreneurs ready to push the boundaries of financial technology.

Fintech Balance: Your Guide in the Fintech Landscape

At Fintech Balance, we understand the complexities and the dynamic nature of the fintech world. Whether you’re considering company registration in Lithuania, obtaining a fintech license, or seeking guidance on regulatory compliance, our team is equipped to support your journey in the fintech landscape.


Lithuania’s strategic advantages, coupled with its rapid growth in the fintech sector, make it a great place to start a business. As you navigate this exciting and evolving world, Fintech Balance is here to provide the expertise and support you need to succeed. Join us in this journey as we continue exploring the future of financial services, leveraging Lithuania’s dynamic environment to foster innovation and growth in the fintech sector.